fitting back into my jeans

{photo from NY Times}

It was a happy day here a few weeks ago when I realized I fit back into my jeans. I could zip them up, move around and even sit down comfortably in them. Hallelujah!! Lucky for me, it was also just as the weather {temporally} cooled off for a few days. Coincidence?

The weather is a chilly 85 degrees here today and I am rocking my jeans again. If you think I'm joking about 85 feeling chilly, I'm not. It's been so hot here this summer that 85 is actually cool, especially with the lessening humidity. Anyway, thanks to the magic of breast feeding and daily walks (plus occasional runs), I managed to lose the baby weight. Feeling toned and in shape, now that's another story....

Finding the time and energy to workout is a challenge. Now that the weather has cooled, I've been thinking about training for a half marathon. I suppose I need to bite the bullet, sign up and simply make time for long runs. Also, I can always run with Connor in the Bob if necessary. Now that my jeans fit again it's an incentive for me to keep things this way and get moving!

Plus, I'm going to need to keep up with these little legs soon...

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