farewell to the swing


It had a good run but it couldn't last forever. After six months of swinging and lulling Connor to sleep, today we are saying goodbye to the swing. 

A few weeks ago the batteries started to die (again) and instead of replacing them, I simply moved the swing into Connor's room. It was clear the swing was struggling under his increasing size but at that moment I found myself unable to part with Connor's fleeting youth and hoped holding off for a few additional weeks might make the passing easier.

Something told me today was just its' time and into the box it went. Relegated to the back of the closet, beneath similar boxes of newborn clothes that have also recently met their demise. Perhaps they will all see better days again, but for now we say goodbye.

Thank you, swing, for allowing me to cook dinner, for entertaining Connor so I could check my email and for helping us through the first six months. I truly appreciate all you have done for us.


  1. Awww...

    I happened to stumble across your blog and I love your posts. I have a 7wk old, my first so I can relate and have something to look forward too. Thinking of putting Nate's swing away ... brings a tear to my eye.

    Hope you don't mind, I've added you to my blogroll :)

    Happy Bloggings Momma!



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