big trouble in a little shirt

Don't be fooled by my size. I've got big attitude. I'm larger then life. Watch out cause here I come!

So cute and so true.

We went to our little bugs class today and I'm very happy to report Connor made it through without crying. We arrived early to give him time to wake up from his snooze in the car and get adjusted. I hoped a few extra minutes before class would help keep the tears away this time.

Julie, the teacher, had the gymnastics rings set up and Connor managed to stand up (with some help) and grabbed onto each ring. Pretty impressive. He also sits like a pro now and had his eye on the other babies who were crawling around thinking "hey, I want to try that." He doesn't mind being upside down so we did a few somersaults on the mat, played with bubbles and balls, went under the parachute and sang songs and moved around.

Big trouble is now taking a nap while I work on re-packing for another trip to DC...

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  1. Can't wait to see the little trouble maker tomorrow night and you guys! :)



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