Transitioning to a Crib...Success!

Who's in there?
I see you!!

After many, many false starts it's seems as though this little bug has finally taken to his crib. G'Ma and G'Pops were here last weekend and I have to credit them with getting us over the hump and making the transition happen. They stayed in Connors room/guest room with him and handled the 1:00am freak out and late night feeding for two nights in a row. It helped me get some (much needed) sleep and helped Connor get used to the crib and spending the ENTIRE night in there, not just a few hours. We've keep it up for the past few nights and it seems to be working!

The addition of solid food also helps him stay asleep longer, which makes a big difference. We fed him rice cereal at around 8:45pm last night (late, I know, but we were at our neighbors for dinner) and he was in his crib by 10pm. He did wake up at around midnight and fussed for a few minutes but Kyle checked on him and he fell back asleep almost immediately. Up again at around 12:30, so I checked on him and his blanket had come off. I fixed it and he fell asleep again within minutes. 

He stayed asleep until 4:30am when he woke up to nurse. I went in, nursed him and he went back to sleep without a problem until almost 9am when he started making sounds. I'm hesitant to say we are out of the woods quite yet, but some serious progress has been made. Once we have a solid two weeks or so of crib sleeping under our belt I'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

On Monday night I found myself awake until almost 3am, just laying in bed, listening to the monitor, waiting for a sound. It's an adjustment to have my baby so far away but I'm just going to have to get used to it. I paid the price all day on Tuesday and walked around like a zombie. Cranky definitely doesn't agree with me (sorry, kyle!)

So...it's exciting to think sleep is on the horizon here. I've missed it!

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