Solid Food Baby

Big news here! Connor is eating - or rather slurping - solid foods. So far I've realized that is both a good and a bad thing.

The good = It's a milestone for him and he's growing up.

The bad = He's growing up!

At our four month doctors appt our pediatrician mentioned Connor would be fine to start solids whenever we thought he might be ready. The recommended age is between 4-6 months, so we figured five months would be a good compromise. Plus, he just seemed ready. He was waking up more frequently throughout the night and seemed to be wanting "more". All signs a baby is ready for solids.

We don't even have a high chair yet, so we improvised by sitting him on Daddy's lap on the sofa. Smart, right? I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen (sofa, food and baby isn't the best combo) but we managed...sort of. This was the final product:
Not too bad.

We fed him Gerber rice cereal mixed with breast milk. Doesn't this look yummy?
He started off a little confused about exactly what he was going to eat. For awhile the bib looked tastier then the cereal.
Once we got the technique down, things ran a little more smoothly
Thank god for bibs with pockets to catch the food. Great invention.
After a quick bath and change, we had one happy baby!

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  1. He really is growing up! Can't wait to see him and you guys in just a month :) xoxo



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