the little gym

We took this party to the little gym this morning for Connor's first activity class. He's part of the "little bugs" group for 4-10 month olds, which mainly focuses on developing basic motor and social skills, body awareness, balance and coordination.

There were only three bugs this week - all boys! - and all three of them were active little guys. We sang songs and started with some arm, shoulder and leg movements on the mat. Next up was the parachute and Connor loved laying on top of it as we shook it around. A second after I took this pic he flipped onto his belly and started eating the fabric...
We also took them under the parachute, which he wasn't really loving, and then over to the big bugs area to play around on the bars and with the larger foam pieces.
At first he liked the incline block - which helps promote crawling - but once he started sliding down he changed his mind...
We finished with bouncing balls, rolling on the mat, bubbles and the closing song. It was all very cute and Connor was really interested in interacting with the other babies. He and another little boy, Samuel, played for a few minutes on the mat and made smiley faces at each other.

It took about 5 seconds for this happy bug to fall asleep once we got in the car :)


  1. Awww! This sounds like an awesome day! When do you guys start the swimming class?

  2. We can't wait for the next class on Wednesday! Swimming is 6 months+ so we'll sign up sometime next month.

    Connor has his VT gear all set and will see you in a few days!!



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