5 Months and the Super Duper Ultra Playmat

What's a five month old boy to do? After flipping from back to belly to back again, our normal play mat was hard pressed to contain this squirmy, muscle man. So, thanks to G'Ma and G'Pops, super baby has graduated to a new GIANT play mat. 

This mat has two sides (the alphabet and a fantasy scene) and is very squishy and prefect for a growing baby who will likely have a few tumbles as he learns to crawl and walk. Despite its size, it does roll up easily and even comes with a strap so you can throw it in the car and take it to a friend or relatives house with you. Thanks, G'Ma and G'Pops!

In other exciting news, Connor is 5 months old today! How crazy is that?! Just about as crazy as the torrential rain we had this weekend...our street turned into an ocean and the water was lapping at our stairs...

1 comment:

  1. woah that flooding is scary. ooh, charleston. ps: the new play mat looks awesome! and the "fantasy scene" on the other side sounds so intriguing...



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