What to do with an infant when its 114 degrees?

We've been experiencing record temps here in Charleston for the past month or so and there isn't an end in sight. With the heat index yesterday it was something like 114 in Charleston...!? It's usually hot, but not quite THIS hot. The humidity is a killer and makes anything you have to do outside a nightmare. My sunglasses steam up when I walk outside and going through the process of securing Connor in his car seat (which only takes about 1 minute) feels like a sweaty workout.

So...walking anywhere in the stroller and going to the beach with Connor are pretty much out. At 4 months he's still too young to go to other indoor activity places like the children's museum so instead our days have been  spent inside at home playing on the play mat, in his jumparoo, singing, reading, playing with Red and taking quick trips to run errands just to get out of the house. After a few days, though, it's all gets kind of repetitive - even for Connor. Plus, how many quick trips can we make to Target? I drove all the way out there the other day just to pick up dishwashing detergent because we needed a change of scenery.

Getting creative is really the only option. Literally. A friend gave us a package of art canvases at our baby shower and I've been wanting to use them for months now. So, yesterday seemed like the perfect time. We used our hand prints - and in one case paw prints - and made a print for each of us, Mommy, Daddy, Connor and Red. Connor and Red's were a little difficult and smudged but I like that they are a little messy and random.

Ok, one project down, now we need another one for today....and tomorrow. An artic blast would be welcome, too.


  1. I like your little Elvis.

  2. ugh 114?! that's horrendous. you guys should invest in a sprinkler or misting fan.

    the canvases are a great idea and look adorable! you could also dress connor up in funny hats or draw mustaches on him and laugh and take pictures. :) haha! that tells you what kind of mom i'm going to be...



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