Sunday Funday

We had a fantastic day yesterday hanging out at Kelly and Tim's pool (thanks, guys!). Aunt Cristina and two of her friends were in town for the weekend so we tried to show them a typical, lowcountry summer day. Connor put his swim trunks on again (well, actually I put them on for him) and spent most of the afternoon in the water. Turns out the beach tent we have for him works just as well at the pool and is a great way to keep him nearby, but provide a shady, protected spot for naps. Notice the hand still touching the toy - he won't let it go...
Connor was infatuated with a Red Las Vegas coozie - should we be worried about that??!

We wrapped up the day with dinner at Hometeam BBQ on Sullivan's and this little man was exhausted by the end.
I'm finishing up a large onesie order for Open House and will post pics of the new designs when I'm done. Get excited - they're cute!


  1. Kelly and Tim's house looks beautiful! What a great spot to spend a summer day! Connor's swim trucks look like pants on him...so cute!Between being a St. Patty's day baby and that koozie picture above, YES, I would say you should worry! :)

  2. hurray for tim & kelly's. miss you guys!

  3. We had such a great time. Thanks for having us. I already miss you guys and Connor! Can you send me your pictures? I'll send you mine once I load them onto Shutter fly- I posted them on FB. <3 you.



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