Sugar Snap Pea

Thankfully we have a brand new baby boutique in Charleston with adorable (and useful!) baby items. There have been a few baby boutiques on King Street over the years but either they haven't lasted or they tended to sell overally embellished baby items. Well, thanks to Sugar Snap Pea Charleston finally has a baby boutique with clothes, gear and toys I would actually buy. Plus, it's just around the corner from our house. Score!

Connor and I strolled over to the grand opening on Wednesday night to check it out and were pleasantly surprised with how awesome the space looks (check out their website for pics). They even had a space for "stroller parking" which is genius. As we were walking around looking at the items I heard Connor giggle and realized he was turned and laughing and smiling at all the other babies in the store. We also met another 4 month old - a girl - and Connor was chatting her up as much as he could. What a little ladies man!
Mom- this pic is for you so you can get your baby fix for the day!


  1. Hi - Beautiful picture...but you cut off the top of his head. Thanks for my daily fix.

  2. You should get Connor into modeling. He is such a beautful baby and he is so expressive!

  3. aww thanks so much for such a nice compliment on the store!!! Hope to be here for a long time :) Come on back anytime! (and we can also chat about your goodies too!)



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