Orange Man

Connor has crossed the line from 0-3 months clothes and has entered into the exciting world of 3-6 month sizes. Isn't he 4 and a half months, you might ask? Well, yes he is, but baby clothes are a crazy thing. I've found each brand is different and you have to try it on them to tell. 

This little outfit is from the Baby Gap and was given to us by the Floods (thanks!) and the sneaker socks are Trumpette from my mom (thanks!). 

We are retiring many of the onesies he's been wearing for the past few months bcause they are just too small now. I'll admit, I got a little sad folding up the itty bitty clothes, especially the footed onesie outfit he came home from the hospital in. I held it up to him the other day and the bottom of the feet only reached to his knees! Now it's on to bigger things for this little boy. 

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  1. the whole world wants to know when he will wear his SOAM onesie!

    ::waits patiently::



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