Growing Baby

We had a doctors appt this morning for Connor's 4th month check-up and he is happy and healthy as can be. He's now a whopping 15lbs (plus a few ounces) and is 25 inches long. He's gained about 4.5 lbs and almost two inches in the past two months. 

There was a one month old baby in the waiting room with us and I can't believe how little he looked - it really made me realize how much Connor has grown from a newborn into a baby. Next check-up is at six months and I can only imagine what a little chubbster he will be by then.

Off to silk screen the new onesie designs...

also, a big happy birthday to aunt ally!

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  1. aww, thanks for the shout out!! I love this picture! Although, it looks like I got married in a terry romper! :) I can't believe Connor is already 4 months and 15lbs! He just gets cuter by the day!!



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