Girls and Boys

Reese and Connor were so cute yesterday. I wish I had more pictures of them but I was pretty busy chasing them both around. Well, it was more like me chasing Reese around while holding Connor who was giggling and making cute noises most of the time. I think he really enjoyed seeing another little face and Reese was very sweet with him. When I put him down for a nap in his crib, she would quietly creep into his room, pull herself up and peek over the top of the crib to check on him. I would say "shhh the baby is sleeping" and she would tip toe out of the room.

The moment she arrived she beelined it to the toys. Connor was in his Jumparoo and she would stand on the other side and they would both play with the toys. So cute! She had her doll with her and was very busy putting her "babe-eis" (said in a two year old voice) in the swing, the car seat and on the play mat. She's very talkative and it's was fun to have another little person around for the day.


  1. What a darling picture. Connor's first play date...how cute.

  2. freakin adorable. does this mean you want another one? :)



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