Crib Attempt, Night One.....Fail!

Well, we attempted night number one in the crib last night. How did it go?

Mission FAILED.

The preparation was great. I gave him a quick, warm bath, put him in his cozy Halo Sleep Sack, nursed him and tried to wind things down so he understood it was time to sleep. I finally put him down around 10:30 and two minutes later he was crying. I thought he might still be hungry so I nursed him again and rocked him a bit and then at 11pm put him down again and he appeared to be completely out. I got ready for bed and was feeling pretty good about everything - maybe this was going to be easier then I thought!

Yeah, right......just as I was drifting off to sleep WAAAAHHHH echoed through baby monitor. I hoped up, went into Connor's room and found him flailing his arms around and literally screeching at the top of his lungs. Connor has a few different cries and this one was most definitely "Where am I? Get me out of here STAT!" I tried to gently talk to him, I held his hands, I gave him a pacifier - which he defiantly spit out of his mouth - and finally I caved in and picked him up. I rocked him for a few minutes and he seemed to quiet down so I slowly put him back into his crib. The second his head hit the mattress his eyes flipped open and WAAAAHHHHH!

So I repeated the process thinking the third time would be the charm, but once again the moment his head hit the mattress, WAAAAHHHH!

At this point it was 1:00am and admittedly I was exhausted and feeling defeated so I brought him back into our room, put him in his bassinet and he fell sleep immediately.

Attempt number two is tonight. Fingers crossed we both last a little longer....


  1. Good luck tonight.

  2. oh gosh, that's unfortunate. don't give up! it'll probably just take some time for him to get used to the new scenery/ceiling. that's so great there is a guest bed in the room too so you can always crash nearby.



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