Creative Maternity Ideas

I love creative ways of documenting pregnancy. I took a few maternity photos with a photographer friend of mine and even started this blog as a way of recording the process so my future baby could see what life was like as we anticipated their arrival. There really isn't anything like the journey of pregnancy. There is so much excitement, anticipation, terror (I'm going to be a parent!?) and bloating (did anyone see my feet from weeks 30-39?) that comes with expecting a baby. And to think that at the end of the pregnancy, it really isn't an end at all, it's simply the beginning.

Anyway, I'm fascinated by the creative ways people document their pregnancy and the couple over at Pacing the Panic Room did a fabulous job. Each week they took a photo of the mom's growing belly and wrote a note to their baby. I've seen their photos a few times, but just happened upon their newest project The Walk to 40 Weeks 
{both images from pacing the panic room}

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  1. this is really cool. who wouldn't want hipster parents?!



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