The Teethy Road to Charlotte

We are back in Charleston after a weekend trip to Charlotte. Kyles Lacrosse team played really well and won all but the first and the last games. There were 7 seconds left in the final game, the score was tied 3-3 and they were about to go into overtime when the other team scored a goal :( It was disappointing to end that way but overall they all played really well and had a great time.

The mini lacrosse player (Connor) had a great time, too, and was smiling and happy all weekend. He was not as thrilled to spend so much time in his car seat, though, and we discovered it is much more difficult to travel with a small baby by car then by plane. On a plane the baby can sit and nurse regularly, whereas in a car they are confined to their car seat. During thre three hour drive to Charlotte we had to stop at least three times to feed him, change him, etc. Plus, he was crying really loudly at one point so I hopped in the back to calm him down and noticed blood on his mouth!? Of course I started freaking out because where on earth would blood have been coming from? I gently wiped it away and it seemed to stop but his mouth was very sensitive and we think he is teething. After a call to G'Ma and some googling, it is normal for babies mouths to bleed a bit just before they cut a tooth. I looked like it was coming from his bottom gum, which is also where the first teeth usually start. So...the bleeding experience combined with the recent drooling, hand sucking (see bottom photo) and occasional biting probably means we do, in fact, have an early teether on our hands.

Looks like Conors cute smiles will be changing soon!



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