Smiles & Storms

We had an awful thunderstorm here last night - possibly one if the worst I've ever heard - and Red was so terrified he had to snuggle in bed with Kyle. I could feel the whole bed shaking because he was panting and breathing so hard. He's always been afraid of storms and used to hide under my desk; but in his old age he now seems to be taking them a little harder then usual. He pretends to be a tough guy when it come to the mailman and other dogs, but really he's just a big baby.

Luckily, Connor seemed unfazed by the storm until the very last clap of thunder, which was so loud it work him up. He started crying so I picked him up and then we were two people, a baby and a dog all in one bed.

1 comment:

  1. Connor is SO CUTE!! What a smile on that little man



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