Jump, Jump! A Jumper Review

Jumparoo success! As Connor is getting bigger and is outgrowing his swing, we decided we needed a new "activity" toy (in addition to his play mat) to help keep him busy and to help with strengthening his muscles and his brain. After much research I narrowed the choices down to the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumparoo and the Evenflo ExerSaucer Smart Steps. I eliminated the jumpers that you can hang over a door frame because they have been sighted for safety reasons and they just don't seem safe to me either. Plus, I wanted a few additional toys to help keep him occupied and activities to get his brain working.

The ExerSaucer seemed great because it folds up easily, a big plus for storage and for travel, and seemed to be a great alternative to a walker. We have lots of carpet in our house (unfortunately) and I don't think a walker will be able to roll over it easily. The activities seem involved and great for growing along with the baby. However, the product claims it bounces and when I went to Babies R Us to check them out, it definitely did not bounce. It moved around a bit, but I wouldn't call it bouncing. It looked as though the exercise benefit for the baby is that they could "run" and "walk" with their legs but then the unit would be stationary and remain in one place.

The Jumparoo, on the other hand, definitely bounced. The toys and activities are comparable to the ExerSaucer and because you can change the height settings it seems that it might last a bit longer as your baby grows. Both the ExerSaucer and the Jumparoo have a 360 degree swivel seat, so the baby can use their legs to spin around, which I also really liked. However, Connor definitely likes to bounce and once I saw that the ExerSaucer doesn't bounce nearly as much (or not at all) the decision was made. Plus, I think bouncing might strengthen his legs more then simply moving them around, which he really can still do in the jumparoo but will also have the added benefits of jumping up and down.

He's still a little small for the Jumparoo so we have a blanket tucked in behind him to help support his head to and cushion him. His legs just touch the ground so we also added a few blankets below him to help him use his legs. Hes just getting started but seemed very excited when we put him in it last night. His face lit up when he saw the lights and toys. We helped bounce him up and down at first, but he seems to understand how his legs can help move him. Hopefully this is the beginning of many positive Jumparoo sessions!


  1. OMG how much fun is he having...he is so excited. Love the photos. Love, Grandma

  2. Marisa, great review. You should consider a carreer as a professional toy-tester!



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