And this is how we walk...

I wonder if being on high alert for 30-40 minutes helps burn any extra calories? If so, then our walks might be even more exercise then I thought. I've started taking Connor on daily (or at least a few times a week) walks so he can be out and about and I can get some exercise. Every day when I accidentally say the word "walk" before we leave, Red hears me and thinks I'm talking about him and looks like a sad little pup. Now that we have a bigger backyard, Red's walks are few and far between and I know he misses them.

So....Red has joined our daily walking routine.

Now, if you know Red, you know he's crazy. A loveable, cuddly kind of crazy - but still crazy. He's a very calm and chill dog inside (except for his recent issue with the mail man - more on that some other time) but outside he's the complete opposite and turns into a crazed mad-man. He is in constant search of squirrles, cats and birds and wont rest until he's found all of them. He thinks every other dog wants to play and he wants to say hello and smile to every person we pass. He's a social man and loves to make new friends.

So, you can imagine how Red's social and hunting agenda might interfear with walking with a baby in a stroller. It's a constant battle of trying to keep both Red and the stroller on separate paths. He's had a few run-ins with the wheels and it wasn't pretty for either of them. Keeping the stroller and Red in line combined with making sure Connor is ok, keeping the sun off him, operating a semi-broken BOB and staying on constant alert for squirrles, cats, birds and other dogs is quite the work-out. 30 minutes of that and I feel like I've run 10 miles through traffic. And always, without fail, just when I think things are going ok and can relax and enjoy the walk, Red will dart out of nowhere.

I will say these walks never would have been possible before friends of our gave us a harness for Red and although they are difficult at times, I am thrilled I can take him with us now. We use to walk him on a normal leash/collor system and he pulled the entire time. I've tried choke collars, leads, etc over the years and nothing seemed to help. Nothing until this harness, that is. It fits over his chest and around his back so it doesn't interfear with his face or hurt him in any way. When he pulls the harness gently pulls him back from the chest, which makes all the difference.

Now, if we could find something to distract him from the squirrles we'd be golden.


  1. aww i miss red. why don't more people use those harness/leash things?!

  2. We use a harness on Winston, and it can definitely help with headstrong dogs that are intent on pulling. Be careful though. We used to use one on Boris too, but it rubbed his fur off and gave him a rash so we had to go back to the ordinary collar. Just a heads up for ya to keep a lookout :)



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