One Fish, Two Fish

Connor read his first book tonight and he liked it! The illustrations in "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" by none other then Dr. Seuss are very graphic with lots of black, white, red, blue and yellow so I thought it would be a great first read for him. He made it through all 62 pages and even looked interested in the shapes and the drawings. 

We also got a new playmat (thanks, G'Ma!) and have discovered that Connor loves the mirror. Seriously...he just can't enough of his own cute face! The animals have caught his attention, too, but not nearly as much as the mirror. There are lots of other features to the mat such as a kick pad that plays music when you apply pressure, lights, squeeky sounds and various features associated with each animal (the parriot spins on his perch, the elephant vibrates when you pull on him, etc) and we are really excited for the little man to start discovering all these things as his motor skills develop.

So, lots of brain stimulation going on here - gotta stay ahead of the curve! 


  1. Love these pictures...they are absolutely precious. Connor looks so interested...great attention span for a 2 month old...good job Mom and Dad.

  2. Not only is he going to grow up to be smart and artistic but he will be an animal-lover too! xoxo



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