Just hanging out, raising a baby

Sorry to have disappeared for a few days. As Kyle says, we're just here raising a baby! And a cute one at that :)

I gave him a bath last night and he looked so much bigger in the tub then before. Here are two pics of him, the first from his very first bath back in march and the second from last night. I'm assuming he is over 9lbs now so he's likely 3bs heavier then at birth.
first bath in late march

bath last night

He loves the water and his bath time! Here he is after getting warmed up in his towel
Then we swaddled him (which he loves) but he always struggles to get his arms out. Its so funny to watch him. Plus, he looks so satisfied when they are finally free. Such a character....look at the determination on his face


  1. oh my goodness, so cute. i want to swaddle him too!

  2. OMG..he is such a beautiful baby...Can't wait to see him later this month.



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