Connor's First Trip to Boston

Well we've made it to Boston and back and are still alive and in one piece. Connor took his first flights and did an amazing job. He slept most of the time, but when he was awake he was wide-eyed and curious. He cried for a few minutes as the plane was landing (prob b/c of his ears) but other then that was great! We might have a little world traveller on our hands :)

My friend Tiff got married over the weekend at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA. It was a BEAUTIFUL location, beautiful wedding and we all had a great time. Tiff and I went to Andover and Boulder together so we have lots of friends in common and it was great to get everyone together - and to meet Connor!

Here are some photos from the weekend....with more info to come soon about traveling with a baby. Before we left I was frantically searching for info about how to pack breast milk for the plane, travel tips, etc and discovered it was difficult to find any current info. So, I'll fill you in on what we did if you ever need it for a resource in the future. I'm spending the afternoon today catching up on silkscreening so look for the post tomorrow.


  1. That's so great to hear that everything went smoothly. I feel like most new parents wouldn't want to risk flying with a baby, but it's awesome you guys braved it and now have some valuable blog material! PS: That wedding looked gorgeous, Wow.



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