What's in a name?

We're partial to the name Connor McIntosh Hoyt, but it took us awhile to decide. Connor was actually named "Alex" for an entire day in the hospital. However, when it came time to make it official, Kyle and I both decided it just wasn't working. We were always planning on "Connors" being his middle name, so when Alex didn't fit and Jackson and Tucker (our other top choices) also seemed wrong, I mentioned moving Connors to the first name and shortening it to Connor. Then we could use McIntosh (which is also Kyles middle name and a family name) as his middle name so we could continue to use the nickname "mini mac". As soon as we said it, it just seemed to fit.

Our criteria were that we wanted a strong boy name that was normal (i.e not something like "Igor Connors Hoyt") and easy to pronounce but not too common. Plus, we both had to agree on it, which was more difficult then we thought. And lastly, it had to fit his personality. When we took our baby classes during the pregnancy, we were very surprised to hear that every other couple had already named their baby. Huuuh, I thought? What if the baby just doesn't look like their name? I wanted to find a name to fit the baby, rather then hope the baby fit the name. When Connor arrived he came equipt with his own personality and when we tried to call him "Alex" it was clear it just wasn't going to work. After our experience, I'm wondering if some of the other parents from our class are having a sort of buyers remorse - or baby name remorse - now that their babies are here?

I happened upon this Top 100 of 2010 baby name list today and found the choices very interesting. I remember searching for inspiration in the weeks leading up to the birth and most of the choices either seemed so typical or totally off the wall. The top 20 on this list aren't crazy, but they are different from most lists.
7. MAX
10. LIAM
14. OWEN
16. KAI
17. MILO
18. NOAH
20. JOHN

Click on the link above to see the whole list. Surprisingly, Connor isn't even listed in the 100.


  1. IGOR would have been a great name!!!!!

  2. this is off the topic of your post, but I wanted to alert you of a new blog floating around out there that you might be interested in:


    This woman is opening a baby boutique in Charleston next fall called Sugar Snap Pea. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Yay! Love this post! Connor McIntosh Hoyt does have a certain ring to it compared to Alex McIntosh Hoyt. It's perfect.

    I am shocked that Connor wasnt in the Top 100..I thought that was a fairly common name but I guess it could have been common in the past (I know of 3 Connors and they were all born in the 80s). It's so funny how the popularity of names changes each year. I bet Barack will be a popular baby name someday. Anyways, I digress...

    There are some good names on that list and also some bizarre ones (Atticus, Felix, Jasper and Milo?)That's pretty crazy everyone in your classes had already picked their names out. I can understand picking out a few options beforehand, like you guys did, but to completely settle on the name before even meeting your child is a little premature.

    (If you can't already tell, I am a little obsessed with baby names. I actually have been keeping a list of baby names that I liked since I was about 15. (Did I just admit this to the public? Yes) I am nowhere close to having a child of my own in the remotely near future, I just really enjoy names and think they are so important.)

  4. Lol Erin you are funny? I'm keeping a list too, but i just don't write them down. What are your favorites?

  5. Sorry, didn't mean to put the question mark after the funny comment...iPhone typing..

  6. Kel, you should start writing them down! Unless you have a really good memory (I dont).

    I love last names for first names...(i.e Connor, Bennett, Smith, etc.) I also really enjoy unisex names, especially guy names for girls...Ryan, Kyle, Noah, Clarke, Chandler, Caleb, Pressley, or Tanner...just to name a few. Olivia, Reagan, Kendall, or Claire for girls are also in the running.

    Boys: Sawyer, Jonah, Gavin, Reid, Forrest,Evan, Piper. I feel like boys names are trickier than girls because, like Marisa said, you want it to be a strong, somewhat masculine name...something that they wont get made fun of for later on.

    What are your faves?

  7. I like a lot of those. I LOVE Olivia for girls, though I feel like that has gotten popular (too popular) in the past couple of years which turns me off.

    I really like very old fashioned, traditional and family names. Tim and I both love the name Hollis for a boy. It was his grandfather's name, so it would be appropriate, too. I also like Charles, so perhaps Hollis Charles Greene will be our name if we ever have a boy. For girls I love Eleanor, but would call her Ella. I also love Louise and Frances-(Both family names). I like Jonah, Noah and Clarke too (for girls or boys I suppose?) I had never thought of those 3 until you listed them.

  8. Family names are pretty key, I agree. You could also do Charles Hollis Greene and have him go by his middle name. (Thats what my parents did with my brother... if he ever gets tired of being called Wilson he can start going by the his more grown-up sounding first name, Stephen).

    Olivia is sadly getting pretty popular...plus thats what Pam and Jim named their daughter on The Office, so I definitely cant name my daughter that. Oliver would be cute alternative for a boy I suppose, but it would always remind me of peasants/Charles Dickens.

    Um, Eleanor is adorable! Eleanor Frances Greene! I cant wait to meet her :)



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