Sleep like a baby? Not here!

Why do people use the term "sleep like a baby" to describe a night of wonderful, restful, uninterupted sleep?? So far our baby doesn't seem to be "sleeping like a baby" and as parents, we most certainly are not either. I will say Connor has some great nights where he sleeps for up to 6 or even 7 hours at a time, but those have become few and far between. His new pattern is to take an evening nap for an hour or so, then he wakes up at 8:30 or 9pm and will stay awake until around midnight when we typically try to go to bed. Then he'll sleep until 3:30 or 4am when he'll wake up to eat again, but then he's UP. After I nurse him at 4 I've been letting him sleep in our bed because it seem to be the only way he'll nod off for a few more hours. However, I'm so concerned about the dangers of him sleeping in our bed (rolling off, me rolling on top of him, etc, etc) that I really don't fall back to sleep, or of I do it's on and off sleep for the next few hours. Then he'll wake up for good at 8ish and I'm back to being exhausted. Occasionally he'll fall asleep again late morning, but if I try to sleep then, I feel like I'm just sleeping the day away and really can't get anything done.

I actually feel bad for people who try to have conversations with me thorughout the day because I must sound like I'm completely brain dead. I hope they don't look at me and think, "how on earth is she going to raise a child? She's an idiot!". At least I know it's from lack of sleep, but they probably have no idea. We've tried shifting Connor's sleeping schedule but even if it works for a night, it seems like he bounces right back. We swaddle him, rock him, bouce him, etc. in an attempt to lull him to sleep, but the second we think he's finally out and put him down, we'll see those little eyes POP open and then it's all over and we're back to square one. I know lack of sleep is normal for new parents, and I shouldn't be complaining because overall his schedule isnt THAT bad compared to some other horror stories I've heard, but my oh my...i'm exhausted!

Maybe one day in the not so distant future our little baby will sleep for hours on end in his own crib. But until then, this term "sleep like a baby" baffles me.


  1. What a sweet sleeping baby boy. You would never dream that he would keep his parents up half the night.

  2. hang in there, woman! this too shall pass.



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