Onesies are FLYING out the door!

Ok, well maybe not flying....or even moving quickly....but I've sold a few though the ETSY store (thanks, G'Ma!) and also to a friend of mine who will carry them in her store called Open House here in Charleston (thanks, Melissa!). So, an etsy sale and a wholesale purchase on day 1 isn't so bad!!

I better get to work!

I also had my six week post-partum check up today and the doctor says everything looks great. I was so used to going to the doctor once a month, and then once a week toward the end, that it will be weird not to constantly have an appt pending. I'm sure the pediatrician appts will start filling up our schedule, though!

Here's a pic Kyle took of Connor the other day while hanging out on the sofs. So handsome!

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  1. A business of your own...that's terrific! Love this picture of Connor...he such a beautiful baby.



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