Milk Monster!

We introduced a bottle (with breastmilk) earlier this week and Connor had ZERO trouble with it.  All the baby books suggested I leave the house (so he couldnt smell my milk) while Kyle gave him a bottle and basically made it seem as though this would be an awful transition. We were preparing for crying, tantrums, etc as he became used to a bottle nipple, but this little one downed the milk in minutes and seemed absolutely fine with it. I nursed him a few hours after the bottle and he went right back to that without any problems either. We've tried a few more bottles since then, and he's been a champ. Looks like we have a little milk monster on our hands :)


  1. Congratulations that Dad can feed him too. I'm sure Connor loves cuddling up with Dad for his feedings as well as Mom...and gives Mom a break. Good job to great parents.

  2. I'm not surprised that Connor would love milk - if i recall accurately, his daddy used to drink like a gallon a day when we were growing up! haha. Like father, like son :)



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