Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Grandma is here and has been having a blast hanging out with Grandchild #1. We've been to the Farmers Market, walking on King Street, running some errands and just taking it easy at home. Today we went out to Kiawah and walked around Freshfields Village and the Sanctuary with Connor.

It's been nice and warm here but I've discovered that Connor needs a sun hat STAT. We've been looking for a newborn size, but even the smallest size we can find falls down over his face and is just way too big. I know he will grow quickly but we still need something now. Any suggestions?


  1. Wonderful report and pictures - you might try to find a christening hat - G'Ma

  2. is kyle wearing seersucker pants? Sorry, you know I always have to notice the weird stuff.

  3. haha, nope, not seersucker, but they do sort of look like that in the photo. they are striped pajama pants

  4. G'Ma would have a very practical answer to the hat situation. i was thinking of one that ties around, maybe they fit more snug? :)

    And I love the picture of Kyle, he's so big in comparison to Connor!



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