Full Moon Babies

Now that my belly is big enough to be noticeably pregnant, strangers frequently offer unsolicited advice/thoughts/comments and it seems as though the most popular topic is how I'm going to have my baby on a full moon. I actually keep ending up in the same check out lane in Whole Foods and the cashier has been keeping tabs on the full moon dates and my progress. My friend Shannon was convinced I was going to have the baby on Feb 28th (a full moon). Thankfully, I didn't, but it definitely get me interested in all this.

In some yoga practices it is recommended you do not practice on either a full moon or new moon because the energy of how the moon and sun are aligned can either be too grounding or too uplifting. Personally, I don't schedule my practices around the moon cycles, but I do believe there is some truth to it. Here is a link to an good summary from Ashtanga Yoga http://www.ashtangayogacenter.com/moon.html.

So...the new moon is scheduled for march 15th and the full moon for march 29th. I'm curious to see what happen :)

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