He's here!

Born at 1:39am on March 17, 2010 (St. Patricks Day!). 6lbs, 3oz and 19'' long. He is healthy and beautiful with big, deep blue eyes. He likes to make funny faces and seems to be a very happy little baby. We are home now and getting adjusted to having this little guy around, which isnt too hard because he is just so cute! He's turned into a nursing machine and is doing great with it - I almost can't keep up!

Will post more pics soon...

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  1. he is seriously BEAUTIFUL. like..he could be a model. (you should really look into that...babies that proportional and gorgeous arent all that common).

    i am so happy for yall and cant wait to meet him. he will probably be twice as big just in a few months so can you get him to stop growing til after i see him? thanks :)

    i saw tina's video of kyle wrapping mac up in a "baby burrito" with the blankie. kyle looks so happy and excited! he is going to be such a great dad.

    tell us more about this nursing thing! that is something i never pondered with babies for some reason til i saw that Office episode a few weeks ago... its very fascinating. (um..is it wierd i just asked that? like is that considered a "private" thing? oh well, its YOUR blog!)

    ps..love the name! is he going by "connor" or "mac"? i'm curious to know the story (if there is one), of how you named him and why you didnt go with any of the baby poll names. mcintosh is kyles middle name, right? very irish, very appropriate.



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