37 weeks = full term

37 weeks today (woohoo!) so the baby is officially considered full term, meaning if he was born today his lungs (the last thing to develop) are now fully mature and able to adjust to the outside world.  From this point on his primary function is really just to gain weight. He's probably slightly over 6 lbs and will gain about 1/2 oz a day until he is born.

We made a belly cast on Friday and it's still drying. Here is a small pic of it from my phone, but it prob looks a little weird to you...

Not sure what to do with it yet. Probably wont hang it on the wall, but I wanted to have it just to remember how big my belly was.

Another doctors appt on Wednesday, so we will probably find out more then....

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  1. cool! you should paint it with a pretty design or mural.



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