Wow - you probably need to pee all the time!

We just got home from our weekly doctors appt and so far everything looks good. No change at all and I am not dialated. Aparently the baby's head is sitting pretty low, which explains why I need to pee like every 5 seconds. I also had a Strep B test today (different from strep throat) and will probably get the results in a week or so. So...looks like we still have plenty of time and don't have to pack our bags quite yet.

We also got the baskets for the changing table yesterday and the cover for the changing pad. Thanks, Mom and Dad! It's so funny because our doorbell rings everyday with some sort of delivery. Plus, Red is being extremely protective and goes absolutely crazy every time the doorbell rings or someone is outside. I'm sure the UPS guy rolls his eyes every time he sees our address on his delivery route.

Our baby shower is on Sunday and we are really excited to get all our friends together. We'll post some pics after the weekend.


  1. cant wait to rage this baby shower!!! ill bring the franzia for a little game i like to call SLAP THE BAG!



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