Ahh...the crib is ordered and I can realx a little. Thanks, Nanny (aka my grandmother)!! It won't be here until early next week but here is a pic of what it looks like from the Pottery Barn Kids website. It matches the changing table and can be converted into a toddler bed once the baby grows out of it, so we're set for awhile.

We decided on the darker wood because we thought it would look more appropriate it's a boys room as he grows, but here is a pic of it in white with bedding. 

I realized after I ordered it that we still don't have a mattress for it, so although I'm relieved to have it, it's isn't exactly functional yet....

We also bought some diapers today (huge relief) and I was pretty shocked that there realyonly seem to be two brands out there. I guess I'd never considered it before, but Pampers and Huggies have a monopoly on the market BIG TIME. Of course there are other diapers, but we were warned in our baby classes that some of the less expensive brands can give your baby horrible diaper rash. I've delt with that before and it is no fun at all, for you and especially the baby, so if avoiding it means paying a few more dollars, then I'm all for it. We ended up with the Pampers Swaddlers for newborns and they look so cute and little - even in the package! BTW, check back with me in about three months and I'm pretty sure I'll be eating my words about diapers being "cute".


  1. the crib is beautiful! very classy choice with the dark wood. eco/conscious consumer that you are...i would've thought you would be all over cloth diapers...no?

  2. erin, there is eco conscious and then there is sanity. I would love to say that I will be the mom who uses cloth diapers but the thought of washing and cleaning poopy diapers makes me want to vomit. Plus, we have a small, stackable washer/dryer and I would literally be doing laundry ALL THE TIME. So, when you factor in water and energy, I figured it balanced out somehow.

    Plus, can you picture Kyle dealing with cloth diapers?



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