Baby shower success!

Mini Mac went to his first party today and is kicking and so excited for all his new presents. A HUGE thank you to Kelly and Tim who threw us an AWESOME shower!!! The decorations were so cute and the food (with a "mini" theme) was fantastic. We have lots of leftovers and might be eating cake for lunch tomorrow :)

I snapped some shots of the food and decorations before everyone showed up...



For his first Phish show :)
Some of the ladies toward the end of the afternoon....
And some of the men....

Thank you to everyone for all the amazing gifts and for celebrating with us!! I'm exhausted and heading to bed. Ok, I lied...I'm really about to watch the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but then I'm heading to bed. Kyle is playing Wii with Dustin and there is no end in sight....


  1. It was such a great shower...you and Kyle seemed so happy and excited. I am so glad I got to be a part of it!!

  2. Good times, indeed. PS: Regarding "Keeping up with the Kardashians"...Danni and I were wondering if you were watching..um..did you see Courtney give birth and literally PULL the baby out of herself? WHAT on earth?! That was so strange.

  3. So happy you both could be there to help us celebrate! Thanks for coming, ladies!

    Erin - I was definitely watching - Kyle was, too. I was pretty shocked about how she just pulled the baby out but thought it was actually kind of amazing. It was nice to see someone who wasn't screaming their head off and having a horrible birth (thought they seemed to cut out any scenes where she was having contractions). Made me feel much better about the whole process.



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