Another day....another doctors appt

We are at 34 weeks now and will now have appts every week until the baby comes. Luckily we love our doctor and the nurses are great. Kyle comes to every appt and it's nice to have the support. There are frequently other guys there, too, and they all seem to give eachother a nod of solidarity. Basically all that happens at each appt is I have to pee in a cup, they weigh me - I've gained 28lbs so far - then the nurse takes my blood pressure, asks if anything weird is going on, and then we see the doctor for a few min where she measures me and listens to the babys heartbeat. When she measures its from the bottom to the top of my uterus and the number of centimeters should correspond with the number of weeks pregant. Kinda cool how that works out.

Last time I was measuring a centimeter short, but am right back on target this week. The baby has slowed down a lot recently and I think he's just running out of room to move. At the next appt she is going to check my cervix and said she'll let us know if we need to pack our bags or not ???!!!

Definitely been feeling nauseous recently and this morning I felt this crazy pressure that makes walking around kind of difficult. I've been swaying side to side when I move and totally have that "pregnant woman walk" goin on. Lovely....

In even more exciting news, THE CRIB AND CAR SEAT ARE HERE!!!! We got back from the doctors appt and let Red out in the backyard and noticed these giant boxes sitting on the back deck. Red started barking at 7:30am this morning and we think it was at the UPS guy who must have put them out there. Glad we saw them because it's supposed to rain again tomorrow.

Anyway, they are sitting in the living room now and I'm patiently waiting for Kyle to put the crib together. I'll add some pics later when it's all set up :)

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  1. Hey, I had to check you out from your "vinyasa" title! What an exciting time for you! (Oh and found you through Jenna's ELR :)



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