Itsy Bitsy Yoga

I ordered this book the other day from Amazon and can not wait to check it out. It received really positive reviews and seems to have a ton of good ideas and poses to do with your child (newborn through toddler) to help them digest, sleep more soundly, develop better body awareness, and then to actually do yoga once they get a bit older. Plus, it's right up my alley :)

Also, the baby room is FINALLY coming together. We moved all the extra stuff out and started arraging the baby items. I feel a million times better and can actually begin to hang things up and organize. I'm 32 weeks today, so we have limited time left. scary thought. I have also hit a huge wall and suddenly feel like I have zero energy to get anything done. When I'm out shopping for things, or just trying to run errands, I am exhausted after going into one store. It's been hard for me to slow down and frustrating that I can't finish simple projects. And swollen feet...oh boy, they are no fun at all.

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  1. cool book! maybe once the baby gets here you can write your own and/or blog about the same thing!



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