Baby likes the corner

If you didnt get the title, it's a little throwback to Dirty Dancing :)

This particular little baby just LOVES to curl up and hang out as far to the right as possible.  Recently he's decided its comfortable for him to sit with his head directly below my ribs, so every time I lean a little to the right I feel like I'm squishing him. When I push on my stomach, it feels firm and I can feel the entire outline of his little body. The left side is squishy and feels like there is plenty of space. What's so bad about the left? Or even just mixing it up a bit?? 

I had a doctors appt yesterday and asked her about it. Of course he decided to move around while we were there so she couldn't feel his head below my ribs. She did say its fine for babies to pick a spot, even if it's head up. As long as his head moves back into position (head down) about two weeks before delivery he should be ok.

I figured out where his bottom was last night and Kyle gave him a little pat on the tush and asked him to move over. He listened for about 30 min, but then went right back. 

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  1. woah i had no idea you could actually feel a baby's positioning inside of you! that's crazy! and kind of cool, yes. i cant wait to meet him... i bet he will be very feisty and opinionated :)



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