31 weeks worth of tight hips

That could be me...but its not :(

Haha, it's actually a really awesome yoga teacher named Kathryn Budig who teaches in LA but has done a few workshops in Charleston. Anyway, I constantly read info about how when you're pregnant your muscles and joints are supposed to be significantly looser to allow for your growing body to expand. Your hips are typically much looser then usual and I've heard of women who normally could never do a split say it's easy for them during pregnancy. For some reason I am the complete REVERSE of all this and have never been so tight in my entire life! My hips ache all the time and I can barely stretch them out at all. What is going on????

Even after a brisk walk, when I'd expect them to be warmed up, they are even tighter then before. And my back had been making some really awful cracking sounds. What's happening to my body???

31 weeks today....only 9 more (ok, probably more like 13 more) until YOGA!


  1. hello! just came across your blog & love it already! i would hate not being able to do yoga for so many weeks! is it a personal decision to not practice while your pregnant? ive seen so many prenatal classes pop up lately.
    happy friday!

  2. Thanks, Kate! It do still practice pre-natal yoga but it just isn't the same as a power yoga/ vinyasa/ hot yoga class. I miss sweating and being able to twist and move around like I used to.



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