Lookin' like a speed bump

MUST - RUN - SOON! I settled with a 6 mile run/walk (mainly walk) on Thanksgiving morning, but man, I feel like I've doubled in size. Maybe it's because of the extra thanksgiving food, maybe it's because I just weighed myself and I've gained almost 20 pounds! At my last doctors visit on November 9th, I'd gained 8lbs total. And now I'm up to 20, so....that makes 12lbs in two and a half weeks??!! HUH?

I'm really not freaking out about weight too much because I'm still eating normally and healthy and I'm fine with gaining weight if it means a healthy baby. It was just a little startling to see when I stepped on the scale, today. I will say my belly looks much bigger, but I don't think I generally look that much bigger - it's mainly all in my belly. Makes me feel like this is going to be one big, baby...

Anyway, the run/walk route was pretty scenic and all along the Charles River in Boston. Because I was walking I thought it would be nice to bring my camera and take some pics. The battery died halfway through, but I snapped a few before it went kaput.


And here was my route

Heading to DC tomorrow morning to see Kyle's family and then I'll drive back to Charleston with him on Sunday. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! How crazy is it that next year, we'll have a baby at the table?!


Maternity jeans are genius

Thanks to everyone who suprised me last night for my birthday! We went to a new restaurant in Charleston called 17 North . Food was pretty good overall and although our server was um...interesting?...we'll definitely be back. Here are some pics from the evening...

Kyle gave me the the most awesome birthday present...a pair of maternity jeans!!! And a Michael Stars maternity top I think I'll get tons of wear out of this winter. I am a MILLION times more comfortbale in these then in my old jeans + bella band combo. The bella band is great for the first few months, but once you need to unzip your pants all the way, the band starts to move around and it's difficult to keep the fly covered. Also, since your pants are unbuttoned and unzipped, the band does do a good job of holding them up while walking, but if you sit down and then stand up - or are in and out a car frequently- you constantly need to keep adjusting them and pulling your pants up.

Anyway, the maternity citizens look just like a normal pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans, except there isn't a zipper (just looks like there is one) and the traditional waistband isn't there and is instead a large band of stretchy fabric that comes up over my belly. Basically jenas with a built in Bella Band. I tried them just after I opened the present and didnt take them off again. Fit perfectly and makes getting dressed (which I started to dread every day) so much easier! Here is a belly shot - sorry if it's a little blury. I'll be 23 weeks on Monday, so although it's still a tiny belly...its a belly.


Mini-macs first toy

My birthday is tomorrow and Kyle gave me an early birthday present -  the Giraffe! if you're wondering what that is, check out the photo of the teething toy I posted a few weeks ago. It's really cute! As soon as I took it out of the box and squeeked it, the dogs came running over and thought it was for them. I hadn't really considered baby toys being mistaken for dog toys, so I'm going to have to figure out how to keep them out of Reds reach.

Look at these two from the other night :)


The perfect stroller....can it be?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet BOB , the world most versatile stroller. That's a pretty loaded claim and I'll admit I was extremenly skepticle, but it seems this "BOB" is the real deal. It's an all-terrain stroller you can use from the time the baby is an infant through chidhood, has an adapter so you can place the car seat directly into the stroller, handles all kinds of conditions like trails, mud, the mall and city streets like a dream, you can push it with one finger (seriously) and you can lock the front wheel and run with it! With a price tag of $389, I think I'm in love.

Unfortunately, now I have to decide on a color. I like the chocolate/blue above, but they don't have it on the giggle website so my second choice option is the navy version.

The reviews of this thing are pretty amazing. In addition to glowing reviews on websites, my friend Mary Jane claims she can walk the dog, talk on her cell phone and push her two daughters in the BOB all with one finger. Sounds like this thing is simply too good not to pass us. And if I can purchase one stroller rather then three, I'm sold.


IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

BIG NEWS this morning...its a boy!! My intuition was telling me it was a boy all along and its a huge relief to know I was right! I'm also SO EXCITED to be able to start thinking of names, buy baby things and to just finally know a little but more about what's wiggling around in my belly. He's an active little sucker, too. He (we can say that now!) was moving around all during the ultrasound and was giving the woman some trouble as she was trying to get pictures of his little heart and body parts. The 20 week (or 21 week) ultrasound is pretty extensive and we were in there for almost 45 minutes measuring it's heart beat (150 beats per min), head, heart, organs, body, etc. I'm getting pretty good and recognizing what's on an ultrasound and when we got to the "boy/girl part" I could tell right away. And there's no mistaking it - he's a boy!

We're VERY EXCITED!!! I'm definitely feeling the urge to go shop for some baby stuff right now!



Felt LOTS of little kicks this morning! I've been able to feel movement on the inside for a few weeks, but now that the baby is getting stronger I can feel it kick and move around when I put my hand on my belly. This morning it felt like it was trying to break free and some of those little kicks felt pretty powerful. I love knowing the baby is moving around and is obviously healthy and active.

It MIGHT have something to do with the headstand I did last night. I used to do one almost every day as part of my yoga practice but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped beacuse I just didn't feel comfortable with it and had heard it would flip the baby around. After a little more researching and talking to other yoga teachers, everyone assured me it was fine and most of them did headstands throughout their pregancy. So...I finally attempted last night (against a wall, just in case) and it was actually easier then before. I guess the baby liked it too :)

And ultrasound is tomorrow morning!!!!! I'm so anxious and excited I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. Lookout for more pics and news tomorrow!


Babies require more supplies then a large army

We are about to enter into "baby land" and our lives will never be the same. Despite my newfound love for all things stroller related....the ridiclious amount of bottles (BPA free), diapers, burping cloths, clothes, wipes, toys, etc, etc, etc is quite surprising. I'm not sure if it will be nicer to trip over piles of Kyles clothes on the floor or baby supplies? I have a feeling his clothes wont even make a dent and we'll be swimming in all things baby.

If we're going to be surrounded by them, it is kind of nice that all these baby items are just so darn cute. Check out Sophie the teething Giraffe...

and this cute little carrot, also for teething

...oh that's just the beginning. I could post millions of pictures on here. I found a website for Giggle which has stores in NYC and major cities and have already started a registry (I couldn't help myself). The Land of Nod is Crate&Barrels version of a baby store and Pottery Barn Kids also has lots of furniture options for cribs and changing tables.

I'll admit, I'm actually kind of terrified of Babies R Us. I went into a one a few months ago, just to check it out and was completely overwhelmed. There's is just. so. much. stuff! Granted, it was a Saturday afternoon and prime time for baby shopping. But there were screaming babies and pregnant ladies everywhere and you could barely move even though the store was the size of a warehouse. I'll give it another shot, but it's going to take a lot to win me over.

Any suggestions?


We're someones parents?

I pity our children. We're going to have some explaining to do when they get older. That is, if they aren't even worse then we were at their age...fingers are crossed but the outlook isn't so good!

Halloween was this past weekend and Kyle and I both threw together some last minute costumes and headed out to Isle of Palms with some of our friends for an 80's cover band. It was a fun night, but I did discover halfway through the night that being pregnant and wearing heels...not so fun. Thank god for flip flops.

And today I'm 20 WEEKS! Halfway there! One week countdown to seeing if this little alien is a boy alien or girl alien. I'm still voting boy :)


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