Screw the shoes...I'm moving on to strollers

I've found myself significantly less interested in normal items to buy when I go shopping (i.e shoes, bags, clothes) and have become completely obsessed with strollers. Like I look at every stroller I pass and try to figure out the brand, if I like the looks of it and if I think it seems like a functional piece of equiptment. Evidently I've officially transformed from a normal woman to....a mom?

There are so many damn strollers to choose from it's a hard area to narrow down so I'm trying to absorb all I can. And let me tell you, they are an investment. We're talking $670 to $900+. Yes, there are the less expensive models out there you can buy at Target or Babies R Us for around $200, which many many people use and are very happy with. But how can I put my baby in a flimsy piece of plastic when I can have an ergonomic marvel of baby engineering? It really isn't about how they look to me (ok, maybe a little), it's that some of these new strollers really are significantly more efficient and easier to use. They are lightweight, fold up with one hand (essential when holding a baby), are "systems" that detach from the base of the stroller and convert to a car seat, a bassinet, or even a baby rocker so you never have to wake a sleeping baby to transfer them from one to the other. They have all terrain, re-inforced rubber wheels that wont go flat, are adjustable for the height of a man or woman and have washable interiors made from organic cotton. And that's just the start of the list. I could go on and on. Some seats even swivle so you can pull it right up to a restaurant table. That seems pretty convenient to me.

So, what are these models? Right now the UPPABaby Vista is at the top of my list (and luckily one of the less expensive models when compared to the others). The UPPABaby is the image shown at the top of this post. But there is also the Orbit

 the Bugaboo (check out their demo video...it's pretty funny)

the Stokke and the so many more...

The real kicker is how am I supposed to anticipate what this little baby will like to do...sit in the stroller all the time, be squirmy and want out, learn to walk early and never need it??? And then what about the jogging strollers and the lightweight, easy to travel with strollers? Do I have to buy ALL THREE?

I've heard there is a pretty high re-sale value on these models, so that helps a little. Many google searches for reveiws have been helpful, too, and the UPPAbaby is still at the top of my list - for a mere $670. If you don't hear from me for awhile it either means I am hard at work trying to test drive these strollers in the boutique baby shops here in Charleston...or I've decided to screw it and blow my money on shoes again. At least I know I'll wear those.


Yoga with Kids, belly shots...and Red!

I had the pleasure of helping my friend, Caryn, out last Saturday with her new yoga business called Yoga Benefits. She is working with the Charleston County School System to bring yoga into the schools for 1st and 2nd graders. She set up a booth at Shinefest (a local music festival here) and we had LOTS of little visitors all day. I was really impressed with how limber they were and how many poses they could do. The Post & Courier also took the most adorable photo of Caryn teaching a little boy. To see it click here . She also offers corporate yoga and will bring the yoga class to you...contact me for details if you are interested.

Red and I were hanging out as I was working this morning and I tried to get him to smile, but this is all he'd give me. Think we are going on a haunted hayride out at Boone Hall Plantation later tonight which should be interesting....Oh, and here are a few more belly shots. Just for you, Joisan!!


Thanks, Mom!

Regarding the maternity clothing problem...got a pcakage in the mail today with three new sweaters and some pants. Thanks, Mom!

Also, at first I was all excited about going to A Pea in the Pod. It seemed as though they had a wide selection of maternity clothes in lables I like (i.e Citizen of Humanity jeans) but after a few trips to their stores I am seriously unimpressed. Crappy material and way-overpriced. How are they even still in business?

I've had some luck with the Motherhood line thought I'm not sure where they sell it (my mom sends it to me form Boston). Old Navy stuff works, too, and the Gap in a size or two larger then usual :)


18 weeks and almost halfway there....

As of yesterday, I'm now 18 weeks pregnant. Holy hell, how did that happen? Belly is growing and i've almost completely grown out of my jeans now. I bought a bunch of leggings last week, but I'm having trouble finding shirts long enough to wear with them and overall don't feel all that comfortable walking around in them. Anyone have any suggestions?

I also had a doctors appt yesterday and they finally had the flu shot back in stock. I ended up getting both the regular flu and the H1N1 shot in the same day (one in each shoulder) AND also had blood drawn from insider my right elbow for genetic screening. BIG MISTAKE. Now I can't lift my arms at all and the inside of my elbow is bruised and bloody. Heroine chic from the early 90's and pregnant do not mix. I'll try to take some more belly pics tomorrow....


17 weeks and a growing belly...

I can't hide it anymore, the bump is there! I must admit I feel pretty ridiculous taking pictures of myself in my living room mirror....but I guess this is normal? I'm 17 weeks and definitely GROWING. Lots, actually.

Yesterday afternoon and last night I felt the baby moving around and it felt significantly stronger and real this time. Kind of like the baby was too big for it's space and was wiggling around and trying to make it bigger :) Kyle had his hand on my belly last night and felt some movement too. I've been reading that the baby is getting stronger by the day and I should start to feel a lot more over the next few weeks. Apparently the movements peak between 24-28 weeks, which is right around Thanksgiving and Christmas.....



I caved and bought nutella. Just for the record, this is the amount I began with on 10/9/09. Let's hope I don't finish the entire jar within a week. I'm working on rationing...



Hallelujah....life has returned to normal again (sort of) and I went to a yoga class last night. All I can say, is thank god! Gone are the days of sweaty, power yoga classes with my favorite teachers (Kelly, Beth and Sarah) and in are pre-natal classes at Holy Cow Yoga in West Ashley. I really had no idea what to expect and despite being a certified yoga teacher myself, really don't know too much about pre-natal yoga. The class had about 12 students who ranged from 4 months to almost 9 months pregnant. Most were in roughly the same stage as me, but there was one VERY pregnant looking woman, and to be perfectly honest, it kind of freaked me out. She was so big I was wondering how she managed to bend and move in yoga, let along walk and sit comfortably. Maybe she is having twins??

The class was slow going and I really had to focus on not pushing myself the way I'm used to in regular classes. The teacher was pretty good and did most of the poses with us to demonstrate. We started with some centering with our eyes closed and hands on our belly which helped us connect with the baby. I felt great after class and actually feel it a little in my shoulders this morning. I'll definitley be back. Too bad it's only Thurs evenings.

This weekend is the Louis Kids Yoga Marathon in Marion Square to raise money for childhood obesity. I've participated in the event for the past three years and am so sad to be missing it this year. The pics above and below are from last year where it DOWNPOURED the entire time. Like it wasn't just raining, it was DUMPING buckets for the entire two hours. It got a little difficult toward the end and I remember it being difficult to keep my feet from sliding all over the place, but we all completeld 108 sun salutations on soggy mats and raised a significant amount of $$$.

This time lasy year I was in the midst of yoga teacher training and life was so different - crazy how things can change!


Baby name nightmare

Here's a new thing for me to have anxiety over...baby names. I actually woke up at about 3am this morning in a panic because I'd dreamed we'd just had the baby and were in the hospital but completely forgot to think of a name! I remember thinking (in the dream) "holy crap, how did we forget to thnk of a name?" and then feeling overwhelmed about trying to think of one...fast! I woke up before we named the baby, but today feel like I need to run to the store to buy a baby name book. 

Overall, i have no idea what we'll name mini-mac. I have a running list going, but no real front runners yet....well, maybe one or two. I'll keep you posted :)


Have car, will travel

It's overcast and cool here today and I'm so glad its fall. Makes me want to drive up to the mountains to see the foliage. I'm actually feeling a serious need to get out of town and might just have to take a road trip or something this weekend. I don't think I've left Charleston since June??!!! and I'm itching for a change of scenery. Seriously, June?? Who am I?

On the baby front, still havent felt any kicks or big movements, but definitely some fluttering. Headachs are INTENSE sometimes and Tylenol really doesn't seem to help at all. Anyone have any other recommendations about how to help them go away? Tequila is not an option...


New Baby Pics!

16 weeks today!! and almost half-way there! We had a doctors appt on Friday and ended up having an ultrasound again. No idea why they scheduled me for one, but we'll take it! 

The baby is definitley growing and looks so much more like a real human now. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for November 9th and that's the "big one" when we'll find out if mini mac is a boy or girl. By the way, if you're reading this and would like to attend the big event, please RSVP to Kyle. He's extended an open invitation to everyone we know to come watch the ultrasound :)

Here are some of the new baby pics:

In the first picture the little alien looks radioactive, but those are just its little ribs and spine. It was wiggling around as we watched it on the monitor and its seems very healthy and active. I still think it's a boy...but we'll see!


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