food poisioning and babies do not mix

ugh, it's been a long week. I either ended up with food poisioning or some kind of crazy flu/48 hour bug on Sunday night and now (Wednesday) am just starting to feel better, though still not great. I was running a fever and am pretty concerned about whether it may have had any effects on the baby. I called my doctor and they told me I was far enough along (15 weeks) so most of the major developmental stages have happened and it is likely fine. I have a doctors appt tomorrow and am realy anxious to have a check up and to put my mind to rest. 

On a much brighter note, I did get to hangout with Reece on Saturday while her mom was away.
  We went to the farmers market downtown where she walked around in her little crocks and then conked out in the car on the way home. We had such a good time she even cried when I left!


Belly Band Success!

I would like to kiss whomever invented Belly Bands right about now. They are genius. I finally found a Be by Belly Band at Target today (they'd been out of the S/M size for weeks, lots of pregnant ladies in Mt. P!) and have it on right now. I had my jeans on earlier today without the band and I though I could manage for a few hours, but had to keep unbuttoning them every time I sat down. Thankfully I remembered to button them up when I stood up, but it was a close call a few times. 

I'm hoping to get at least another six weeks or so out of my jeans before I have to buy the maternity version, and I'm crossing my fingers this Belly Band thing comes thorugh. Otherwise it's stretch pants all winter for me...


belly shots

Woah belly! It feels so much bigger this week! hopefully that means the bably has finally moved into the right place. these shots are from 13 weeks and 3 days. more to come!



Being that i'm pregnant, i might...might...take myself off a 10 year, self imposed personal ban from eating nutella

Here's the back story: I spent my freshman year of college abroad in Lugano, Switzerland. Back in 1999-2000 Nutella had barely made it to the US, so being the chocaholic that I am, living in europe with nutella was a double treat. It also didnt help that they sold it in the corner store that was attached to my apartment. Or that the jars it came it turned into really cute little juice glasses once the nutella was finished. About three months into the school year my roommates open the kitchen cabinet one day and realized we couldnt even fit all the "juice glasses" in the cabinet anymore and literally had to pry the jar out of my hands for fear they would have to roll me down the street to class. After I realized I'd just purchased pants thats were two sizes larger then usual, I took it as a warning and stopped cold turkey. But I never intended on going without nutella for this long. A whole decade!

If it's ever going to happen, I think this is an appropriate time.


13 weeks & flutters

Holy almost second trimester! when did the time start FLYING by?! The good news is I feel about a million times better. Lots more energy and less nausea (though still some). The interesting changes are that my skin feel incredibly dry, my hair too, and I have to pee about 30 times a day. I normally do not get up in the middle of the night to pee, and now I need to. Not exactly a fan of that, especially because Red (my dog) tends to sleep on the floor in the bathroom so I also trip over him almost every time. Neraly killing myself with a full bladder is real fun at 3am, let me tell you.

I'm also starting to feel FLUTTERS! It freaked me out at first, but I definitely felt this weird little movement this afternnon. Also again this evening while I was eating dinner. Aparently the baby like cous-cous :) After a little googling I pressed on my belly on the right side and felt the same flutter, though a little more intense, on the left. It seems to have calmed down for now, but we might have a little gymnist on out hands :) 


12 weeks!

12 weeks today! crazy how time is  f l y i n g  by! we are literally counting down the days until 20 weeks so we can find out if its a girl or a boy and i think it will suddenly be here before we know it. (for the record, I think it's a boy but Kyle is convinced its a girl)

Its also labor day today and i'm really enoying taking it easy. Miraciously I have more energy today, which is awesome, but seem to have replaced my lack of energy with a splitting headach. I do not normaly get migranes or headachs, so it's particularly uncomfortable becasue I'm really just not used to it. Tylenol is on my list of "ok" medicines but I'm going to try to wait it out and hope it goes away. 

Maybe heading to the beach in a bit for some sun, maybe just hanging out on the couch all day. who knows. 


Energy Black Hole

Oh my god...what has happened to me today? I have absolutely no energy AT ALL. I thought this was supposed to be getting better? I went to dinner with Caitlin last night and then out for a bit but came home at a reasonaable hour, went to bed, slept for probably 9 hrs and I feel like I just ran a marathon and got 30 min of sleep! It's now 11:30am and I'm not planing on moving anytime soon. I'm not one to just stay in the house all day when it's sunny and beautiful outside, but I feel like I....just....can't.....move. 

I hope this baby is putting my energy to good use and growing lots today! 


11 weeks

Oh boy (or girl)...it's starting to look like a baby! Well, actually like a little alien baby, but it finally has arms and legs and we saw it wiggle around :) We went to the doctor on Monday for a check up and they ended up doing an ultrasound b/c we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat on the doppler. Apparently my uterus is tilted up toward my spine, which is pretty common, but makes it difficult to use the doppler. Supposidly it will move into the correct position on its own sometime in the next week or so (usually between 9-12 weeks), I'm wondering if this has anything to do with why I feel so out of breath all the time? For the past few weeks, I'll walk up one flight of stairs and barely be able to catch my breath. Maybe the baby is pushing on my lungs? 

I am also really looking forward to some new found energy in the next week or so as I move into the second trimester. I usually run 3-4 times a week and take about 3-4 yoga classes a week and I can't take it anymore!! My body wants to be active and I've just had zero energy. Not sure if I'll really plan on running all that much, but I think power/hill walking and pre-natal yoga iwill be my freind for the next six months or so.


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