The snow ruined my baby shower!

Well...the holiday party on Friday night was a go, despite flooding and rain in Charleston, but my baby shower in NYC on Sunday was CANCELLED due to snow. I'd packed my car and was on my way to NYC but had to turn around an hour into the trip because there was a BLIZZARD in DC and it was moving north to NY. Uggh. So, the baby shower was called off and will hopefully be rescheduled for mid-January.

I debated for awhile about whether to cancel it or not but the weather just seemd to be too dangerous for people to travel and also for me to drive. The last thing I wanted was to end up 6 and a half months pregnant in a ditch on the side of the road somewhere. So, now I am back in Charleston, just hanging out again until the roads clear and it's safe to drive. It does give me a few extra days to pack, which is helpful because we are moving right when we get back on Dec 31/Jan 1st. Ahhhh!

The night before I left we had a holiday party at my house. Here are a few pics

By the way, there is a story behind the photo of Bo, Dustin and Chang.... he doesn't normally walk around like that.

And today i'm 27 weeks pregnant!!! only 13 (or less) to go....


  1. be careful when you do drive! my parents said they got 20 inches (central VA). you should be fine if you're staying on the interstates but secondary roads are still impassable. also theyre calling for a second wave of snow/ice on xmas eve. hopefully youll still be able to make it to beantown safely. ps: your party looked awesome! sad i couldnt make it. merry xmas to the mini-mac fam!

  2. So sad about your baby shower. Don't worry, we are going to have a kick ass one in Charleston in February!!



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