I've been eyeing this Talenti Gelatto stuff in Whole Foods for awhile now, but was always skepticle because
1) it's like $6 or $7
2) i'm wary of keeping ice cream/gelato around because I will EAT IT ALL....QUICKLY!

So, I've pushed my cart past it and moved on to the salad bar on at least a few occasions. However, on my last trip to Whole Foods (aka, my second home) I was in the frozen foods aisle, trying to avoid the ice cream, and this woman walked up and nearly cleaned out the stock on this stuff. As in 6 containers. The rest of her cart looked prety normal and healthy, so I was intruiged. She flashed me a smile as she walked away that (i'm assiming) meant "this stuff is amazing and I will sacrifice anything to indulge". So...I took it as a sign and decided to cave in and buy it. Plus, I'm pregnant, which is a free pass for things like this.

Well that woman was obviously on to something because this stuff is amazing. No...really...it's AMAZING. Plus, its all natural - the only ingredients are: milk, sugar, cream, eggs, dextrose, powered milk, chocolate, cocoa powder, vermouth and guar gum.

It definitely satisfies my chocolate cravings and the little mini chocolate chips add some crunch, which I like too. Tahitian Vanilla is next on my list to try :)

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  1. This makes me want to be pregnant too! I want some!



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