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After registering at Babies R Us this weekend, I've been on baby item overload ever since. We are now registered at Giggle, Pottery Barn Kids and Babies R Us. click on the names to the left if you want to check out the websites. There are so many options for every little thinkg you might need to do with a baby, so I've been trying to narrow down the essentials to find the most effective item (er...piece of equipment?) to meet our needs. Here is what I've come up with, so far for my most essential item, the stroller. Other items to follow in the next few days.


You all know I LOVE strollers and have done a ton of research on these. It was especially helpful to be in Boston over Thanksgiving to see all these in person and also to see how people walking around with them and how they tend to use them on a daily basis. Overall, I am still all for the UPPAbabay Vista. It is more expensive (to the tune of  $689) then one of the nicer stroller at Babies R Us (such as a Graco for $375) but is made from much sturdier materials like aluminium alloy frame, rubber tires that are filled with foam so they will not go flat, shock suspension and a washable organic cotton liner. Every Graco I've seen is made almost entirely of plastic, including the wheels. As we live downtown and also plan to travel A LOT next summer, I want a sturdy stroller that will hold up to urban Charleston conditions (uneven sidewalks, concrete, sand, etc) and be lightweight and easy to travel with by car or plane. Additionally, the UPPABaby comes with both bassinet and a toddler seat, which are interchangeable, and many have said is especially helpful for an infant as you do not need to purchase additional travel carries, which can run you another $150 or so. And if that wasn't good enough, you can use your car seat and lock it directly into the frame, so you don't need to purchase or fiddle with any adapters. Oh...and the rubber wheels are also great for walking on the beach, the handle extends so a taller man can use it easily (Kyle is 6'3'') and you can flip the seat around so the baby can either be facing you or facing out.


Stroller (runner up)

After a friends suggestion, I decided to give the BOB Revolution a shot. She was right, this stroller is pretty amazing and handles extremely well. You can literally push it with one finger and it turns on a dime. It also has rubber wheels and is excellent for any condition including walking on the beach. It's made from sturdy materials, has an especially large sun shade and is easy to fold. The price is a little expensive, but reasonable at $389. The best feature is that you are able to lock the front wheel and jog with the stroller - which is something that is important to me as I do run a lot.

But there are a few reasons this isn't my top pick...first of all, you can not use this for an infant unless you use a snuzzler (fuzzy insert that adds padding) or a car seat adapter. Also, when you do add the car seat, you must screw in an adapter frame to hold the car seat, which doesn't look difficult, but definitely takes away from the ease of just clicking it in and going. Also, as a toddler, the child must be facing forward and there is no option to flip the seat so they can face you. Apparently, most toddlers do like to face forward, but I like to option of seeing them if I want to, especially if they are sleeping. And finally, although the BOB does fold easily, it is not as compact or lightweight as the UPPAbaby, nor does it lock in place when folded, so you run the risk of it coming unfolded when you are trying to put it in the car or travel on a plane. Oh...and apparently you can jog with the baby until they are 6-8 months anyway....

Botton Line: I really like this stroller, but not for an infant. I would definitely consider once he is 6-8 months old if we find we need a second stroller.

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