I have pregnesia

Pregnesia = pregnancy induced stupidity. I am suffering from it at the moment and am wondering if I will ever get my brain back. I have also been ridicliously clumsy for the past month or so. I'd probably broken two glasses in my life from clumsiness and in the past month alone i've broken FIVE. I've been spilling things, dropping things and knocking things over. I've become a danger to myself and it has me very worried.

If you're wondering if this is real, oh believe me...it is. I've been saying the most obvious, stupid things recently. And then when I try to remember what I just said, I can't. It's awesome....


  1. pregnesia, ha! is this an actual medical term? i've actually heard that clumsiness is one of the early signs of pregnancy.., dropping things, etc.

  2. yeah, i was VERY clumsy at first and then was ok for awhile. It's getting pretty bad again, though. Think my body is too concerned with growing a baby to care about holding on to a glass



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