25 Weeks! But that means only 15 weeks left?!

I'm not sure which is more scary, the fact that we only have 15 weeks left until mini Mac enters this world or the fact that 15 weeks (which is 3 months and 3 weeks) no longers sounds like a lot of time to me. Hmmmm?

In baby lingo, everything seems to be measured in weeks. A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks, and each trimester is roughly 12-14 weeks, depending on who you ask. In real life terms, most people measure time in months (or years) so although 3 months and 3 weeks, sounds like an ok amount of time, 15 weeks sounds like it's going to fly by to my pregnant brain. That's only 105 days!! In that 15 weeks we need to:

- move!
- buy a stroller, car seat, crib, changing table, bottles, diapers, and about a MILLION other things
- set up the crib, nursery, etc, etc, etc
- find a pediatrician
- childbirth class
- decide on a name (or narrow down choices)
- stop freaking out about labor
- etc, etc

And that's just the absolute minimum. All are fairly involved - especially moving-  and will take some time, so I'm getting pretty nervous about having it all together before he arrives. Oh, and then there is the little thing called LABOR that absolutely terrifies me and keeps me awake at night. I'm hoping the childbirth classes will help settle my nerves. I think the thought of it makes me nervous because I still don't know all that much about my options, what my choices really are for epidural/no epidural and c-section/no-c-section, what the hospital looks like, what I can expect, pain, being in labor for an insane amount of time, etc.

My goal is have everything set up and ready by March 1st (haha, yeah right!) so I can chill out for the last few weeks and be ready if he arrives a little early. But we'll see....

I found this online checklist that seemed rather helpful http://pregnant.thebump.com/pregnancy/pregnancy-tools/articles/checklist-pregnancy-timeline.aspx?MsdVisit=1

I took a few pictures of my growing belly this morning. Sorry to any of you who would rather not see it. I understand, it kind of freaks me out, too.

I was pretty small for awhile, but now I feel huge. It's getting difficult to bend over and although my balance feels ok (thanks to yoga) I just feel kind of "off" when I move around. I'm also not one to complain about aches and pains, but my lower back has been killing me! It feels like I bruised my tailbone or went skiing/snowboarding and fell on my behind a million times. I now understand why pregnant women waddle. It's isn't from the belly (at least not yet) it's because your lower back hurts.

After experiencing all of this, maybe only having 15 weeks left isn't so bad after all?


  1. lists are good. you'll be fine! just make a goal to check off/accomplish one of those things a week and you'll feel less overwhelmed. damn, these posts and pics make me miss you! i wont be making it to the xmas party after all :( but i really hope to see you soon.. somehow, some way. ps: love the waistband on those pants!!

  2. pa - talk to some women who have had babies - they should help calm your nerves -- like, Anna!



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