We're someones parents?

I pity our children. We're going to have some explaining to do when they get older. That is, if they aren't even worse then we were at their age...fingers are crossed but the outlook isn't so good!

Halloween was this past weekend and Kyle and I both threw together some last minute costumes and headed out to Isle of Palms with some of our friends for an 80's cover band. It was a fun night, but I did discover halfway through the night that being pregnant and wearing heels...not so fun. Thank god for flip flops.

And today I'm 20 WEEKS! Halfway there! One week countdown to seeing if this little alien is a boy alien or girl alien. I'm still voting boy :)


  1. Hilarious!!! Where did Kyle get that repulsive jacket??? And you make the most beautiful pregnant lady I know!!! Although I think you should have dressed up as a nun....hahaha, besos!!!

  2. haha these are great! I love that you captured my roller skating friend. Post more to facebook?



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