The perfect stroller....can it be?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet BOB , the world most versatile stroller. That's a pretty loaded claim and I'll admit I was extremenly skepticle, but it seems this "BOB" is the real deal. It's an all-terrain stroller you can use from the time the baby is an infant through chidhood, has an adapter so you can place the car seat directly into the stroller, handles all kinds of conditions like trails, mud, the mall and city streets like a dream, you can push it with one finger (seriously) and you can lock the front wheel and run with it! With a price tag of $389, I think I'm in love.

Unfortunately, now I have to decide on a color. I like the chocolate/blue above, but they don't have it on the giggle website so my second choice option is the navy version.

The reviews of this thing are pretty amazing. In addition to glowing reviews on websites, my friend Mary Jane claims she can walk the dog, talk on her cell phone and push her two daughters in the BOB all with one finger. Sounds like this thing is simply too good not to pass us. And if I can purchase one stroller rather then three, I'm sold.

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