Felt LOTS of little kicks this morning! I've been able to feel movement on the inside for a few weeks, but now that the baby is getting stronger I can feel it kick and move around when I put my hand on my belly. This morning it felt like it was trying to break free and some of those little kicks felt pretty powerful. I love knowing the baby is moving around and is obviously healthy and active.

It MIGHT have something to do with the headstand I did last night. I used to do one almost every day as part of my yoga practice but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped beacuse I just didn't feel comfortable with it and had heard it would flip the baby around. After a little more researching and talking to other yoga teachers, everyone assured me it was fine and most of them did headstands throughout their pregancy. So...I finally attempted last night (against a wall, just in case) and it was actually easier then before. I guess the baby liked it too :)

And ultrasound is tomorrow morning!!!!! I'm so anxious and excited I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. Lookout for more pics and news tomorrow!

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  1. head stands?! that's awesome! i'm impressed, mom.



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