IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

BIG NEWS this morning...its a boy!! My intuition was telling me it was a boy all along and its a huge relief to know I was right! I'm also SO EXCITED to be able to start thinking of names, buy baby things and to just finally know a little but more about what's wiggling around in my belly. He's an active little sucker, too. He (we can say that now!) was moving around all during the ultrasound and was giving the woman some trouble as she was trying to get pictures of his little heart and body parts. The 20 week (or 21 week) ultrasound is pretty extensive and we were in there for almost 45 minutes measuring it's heart beat (150 beats per min), head, heart, organs, body, etc. I'm getting pretty good and recognizing what's on an ultrasound and when we got to the "boy/girl part" I could tell right away. And there's no mistaking it - he's a boy!

We're VERY EXCITED!!! I'm definitely feeling the urge to go shop for some baby stuff right now!


  1. yayyyy! CONGRATS, lady! it must feel good to finally know not only the gender but that he is healthy and rearin to get out! did you have that gyno/cocktail party that kyle wanted? when's the official baby shower? i'm so happy for ya'll.

  2. Haha, no party at the OBGYN this time! Maybe we can have one at the hospital once the baby gets here? I have no clue about a baby shower....



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