Lookin' like a speed bump

MUST - RUN - SOON! I settled with a 6 mile run/walk (mainly walk) on Thanksgiving morning, but man, I feel like I've doubled in size. Maybe it's because of the extra thanksgiving food, maybe it's because I just weighed myself and I've gained almost 20 pounds! At my last doctors visit on November 9th, I'd gained 8lbs total. And now I'm up to 20, so....that makes 12lbs in two and a half weeks??!! HUH?

I'm really not freaking out about weight too much because I'm still eating normally and healthy and I'm fine with gaining weight if it means a healthy baby. It was just a little startling to see when I stepped on the scale, today. I will say my belly looks much bigger, but I don't think I generally look that much bigger - it's mainly all in my belly. Makes me feel like this is going to be one big, baby...

Anyway, the run/walk route was pretty scenic and all along the Charles River in Boston. Because I was walking I thought it would be nice to bring my camera and take some pics. The battery died halfway through, but I snapped a few before it went kaput.


And here was my route

Heading to DC tomorrow morning to see Kyle's family and then I'll drive back to Charleston with him on Sunday. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! How crazy is it that next year, we'll have a baby at the table?!


  1. 6 miles?! heck yeah, girl! that's extremely commendable. you should be proud of yourself for even getting out the door (ESPECIALLY on thanksgiving). boston looks pretty. i can't wait to see you and the baby belly, whenever that may be. hopefully soon! do you guys have NYE plans?

  2. I had to get off my booty before it gets to be a real BOOTY! No specific NYE plans yet...but ellen and I were just discussing and think she should come south. Let's all discuss soon....



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